Legerity FastPost

Legerity’s FastPost platform processes difficult, cumbersome and heavy accounting, finance rules and procedures, all in one unified solution. Delivered quickly and efficiently through our high-speed in-memory technology, in whatever way best suits the client: via the cloud, or installed onsite as required. Combined with our comprehensive taxonomies and data models, this ensures seamless integration into existing legacy environments, without friction or disruption.

Finance & Risk Transformation

Legerity enables Finance & Risk functions to modernise their service to the business and comply with incoming regulation – quickly, seamlessly and without capital expense. The FastPost platform delivers real, tangible improvement in this complicated and challenging area – enabling Digital Finance where change has been difficult to implement successfully

FastPost delivers powerful rules-based accounting functionality with 24hr P&L reports, while enabling a single, accurate, consistent and normalised data-set – a calibrated combination of data and application architectures. It is the Finance & Risk future state for Financial Institutions

Financial Services

Accounting Change

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The complexity of contract accounting is set to increase significantly, including contract service margins, future cash flow valuations with provisions for risk. Heritage finance and actuarial systems will struggle without Legerity FastPost.


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The incoming change in lease accounting standards will impact organisations across multiple sectors: Legerity FastPost is the clear choice to make legacy finance systems fit for this new purpose.


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The new revenue recognition requirements for Telcos and other industries demand immediate action: doing nothing is not an option, and Legerity FastPost is the leading solution.


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Meeting the new standard for Financial Instruments is a significant challenge for many firms. Legerity FastPost handles the detailed accounting rules for the various asset measurement classes and the corresponding valuation and credit loss adjustments.