Legerity FastPost’s accounting rules engine enables users to adapt to new accounting standards and regulation quickly. Proven at the highest performance, FastPost increases control, improves efficiency, reduces cost, maximises consistency and minimises the risk of human error. With an intuitive spreadsheet-based GUI, rules are fast to define, test and approve. Full end-to-end data lineage and a full audit trail help ensure data quality across the accounting process.


Legerity’s rules-based engine delivers straight-through processing and exception-based management, enabling peak performance at high volume and speed. Clients can create and implement rules quickly, whether user-defined or via Fast Start standard templates. Once activated, rules are immediately live, monitoring and flagging items for review. As new regulations or standards come online, updating rules is fast and straightforward. Catering for multi-currency, multi-GAAP, multi-Ledger, multi-currency accounting.


Legerity’s rule-based engine delivers consistency – enforcing standards accurately and consistently. Combined with Legerity’s ability to standardise existing data using best-in-class taxonomies, this drives clarity across the organisation. Business events are received and mapped against the accounting rules, with the resulting entries immediately updated in the sub ledger. Transforming corporate accounting into a ‘golden source’ of data, with detailed feeds to Oracle/SAP systems as required.


Legerity FastPost enables exception-based processing, focussing employees’ efforts on items flagged by the system. This approach streamlines the operational burden on these teams, reduces the frequency of false-positives, and drives cost efficiency across the Fiannce & Risk functions. The standardised data-sets and 24hr P&L reports generated by Legerity FastPost deliver additional cost savings by reducing complexity and increasing transparency across the organisation.