The FastPost Ledger delivers granular, transaction-based accounting on a daily, intra-day and real-time basis. A key component of a modern financial systems architecture, the FastPost Ledger provides best in class design for multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-time zone processing – removing the constraints previously placed on Finance & Risk functions by their technology. With a highly flexible segment definition with summary and detailed balances, users can now unlock important business value with fast, on-demand reporting.


A fast and flexible sub-Ledger is at the heart of the Legerity platform. Enabling flexible segment definition; predefined balances for Ledger, entity, balance type and account levels; balances for Today, PTD, YTD, LTD; multi-currency, average daily, intra-day and closings across multiple time zones.


Legerity’s Sub-Ledger enables transparency and a single, true view of business finance. Organisations benefit from a more granular understanding of their Finances: This control and visibility directly impacts the accuracy of budgets, forecasts and strategic proposals: all delivered by Legerity FastPost.


Legerity’s FastPost platform was built by design to integrate and deliver additional value for the full range of organisations and industries. While every business is different, every business can leverage FastPost’s flexibility and scalability to craft a unique instance of the FastPost platform tailored to their specific needs – unlocking business improvement from their Finance & Risk systems.