Integration & Control

Legerity FastPost’s ‘integration-by-design’ ensures that the solution adds value quickly, smoothly and efficiently. The platform is available however the client prefers: deployed onsite via an Open API, delivered securely through the cloud, or as part of a hybrid model. Implementation is measured in days and weeks, not months or years. FastPost is built to bring disparate systems, regulatory requirements and geographical spread into a single uniform view of finance and risk.


Legerity’s FastPost platform can be deployed into clients’ physical systems infrastructure via an Open API, leveraging cutting-edge Java software. Designed with open source principles at its heart, the platform can integrate seamlessly with existing Ledger and accounting systems, including automated submission to general business ledgers such as Oracle or SAP. From a data perspective, FastPost effortlessly consumes, standardises and presents existing data into a uniform format.


The FastPost platform is also available to be delivered as a web-based solution via the Cloud. Underpinned by market-leading security standards and the highest availability, Legerity’s Software-As-A-Service model enables clients to benefit from powerful accounting and IFRS-compliant functionality while ensuring low total cost of ownership. Legerity currently provides solutions to government and military-grade security requirements – ensuring total peace of mind for clients.


Whether deployed onsite or as a web-based solution, Legerity’s FastPost platform is designed to integrate and operate within existing enterprise operational frameworks, with the full suite of alerts, notifications and a comprehensive control dashboard. This ensures the highest possible rates of straight-through processing and low-touch exception-based management – with complete transparency and audit-ready data lineage.