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Webinar: IFRS17, IFRS9 & LDTI… Meeting the new standards – The Challenges of Multi GAAP Accounting

Meeting a new accounting standard such as IFRS 17 can be a major challenge in itself. For many insurers they are also having to think about comparatives to existing accounting and for international insurers, compliance in non-IFRS regions.  In regions such as the US there are additional changes to manage where LDTI comes into force in 2021.

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This free webinar will tackle the challenges of delivering Multi GAAP reporting and will discuss some of the principal design considerations for delivering a best-practice, cloud-based, financial systems architecture efficiently and with minimal disruption.

The agenda will cover:
– Multi GAAP requirements
– The importance of data
– FastTrack Integration options
– Best practice financials systems architecture
– How the Cloud can help
– IFRS / Multi GAAP demonstration

Legerity are specialists in accounting change. Our FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of new standards with minimum disruption.

10am UK / 11am Europe on 25th June 2019
3pm UK / 10am US ET on 27th June 2019
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: IT, Finance, Actuarial, Risk

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