IFRS 17 Proof of Concept (PoC)

IFRS 17 Proof of Concept PoC Legerity’s Cloud based Proof of Concept for IFRS 17 provides confidence to Insurance providers seeking technology solutions to the new global accounting standard – delivering a clear and structured route from impact assessment to implementation, by demonstrating the power of market-leading technology that exists today.

Each PoC is time-boxed, scoped, and has a pre-agreed set of inputs and deliverables. Legerity’s IFRS specialists work with client teams across a range of scenarios using our FastPost accounting rules, CSM and calculation engine technology. Demonstrating the platform’s processing power, flexible configuration, comprehensive data management, and ability to integrate with existing systems seamlessly via a SaaS model.

End to End Process

Each PoC begins with structured planning and discovery sessions. This helps ensure that a comprehensive selection of IFRS 17 scenarios and requirements, including BBA, PPA, VFA and reinsurance, are covered end-to-end. Additional, client specific requirements can also be included at any stage.


Legerity leverages the latest AWS cloud technology to quickly implement each PoC programme, ensuring maximum, on-demand processing power, while at the same time remaining non-disruptive to existing Finance & Actuarial systems.


The PoC solution combines efficiency with configurability, and is tailored to the specific scenarios, data sources, business needs, and technology estates of each Insurance provider – which differ from company to company.