Legerity’s comprehensive library of models and taxonomies streamline the integration of data from disparate existing systems into a single, true data-set. Standardised for consistent reporting, the data model handles all type of Business, Finance and Risk Events. Financial products can include bonds, swaps, equities, futures, FX, loans and complex derivatives plus all other retail and wholesale products. Capabilities include support for the most complex Trades, Contracts, Products, Tariffs, Parties, Organisations with supporting Meta data and hierarchies – all extensible and with retention and archiving fully built in.

Out Of The Box

Creating bespoke data models for a particular project or initiative is expensive, time-consuming and carries a high risk of failure. The taxonomies and data models provided by Legerity FastPost out of the box removes these costs to the business, by enabling Finance & Risk professionals to tailor proven models to the organisation’s existing systems, and begin deriving value quickly and efficiently.


Each deployment of Legerity FastPost opens access to an extensive library of reference data and flexible hierarchies, including time, units of measurement, regions, venues, locations, projects, prices/costs and discounts. Interactions across the lifecycle of each business event are logged and feed into an extensible solution, so users can scale the platform to meet their specific business needs quickly and easily.

Visible Results

The benefits of FastPost’s standardised, extensible and accessible data set quickly become clear. The ability to meet financial, risk, product and customer based reporting requirements, with peace of mind that the data is generated from a single, golden source – minimising the risk of gaps. Details input meta-data recorded in the operational data store contributes to a transparent, accurate and audit-suitable Finance & Risk system.